Real Solutions. For Real Families. With Real Problems.

About Us

It started with a need. To Connect. To share. To inspire other people who feel like they don’t belong. Our family has walked one of the most beautiful tragic journeys’, and through it all we have found hope in the face of darkness. 

Our family was determined to create a lifestyle brand for those who feel lost or alone, and The Hand That Heals was born. 

Our family blog offers unfiltered insight into the life of a family with a medically complex child. Filled with recipes, product reviews, stories from and of the incredible people we meet and places we see, as well as the many ways we are making an  impact within our community. 

We open up about the real problems that face a real family, as well as offering the solutions to those problems . We hope that by sharing our own truth we can empower other families to see that it's ok to not be ok sometimes, but you are not alone.

Our store offers products we created or that we can't live without.  Our line of More Than Special Needs Clothing, self-published books specifically targeted at helping the community better understand families like us, and beauty products can all be found in our shop!

In keeping with our mission to serve and empower our community 10% of all proceeds from our store benefit our non-profit organization, Maddie's Hand. 

Another unique service that sets our brand apart is our empowerment presentations. Our topics can vary from our families journey, coping with grief and loss,  parenting a special needs child, and overcoming personal tragedy. Our presentations are unlike most as we carry the continuity of our brand into them. Offering real talks, about real issues, and potential solutions to those problems. We have presented for organizations such as the National Center for Deaf Blindness as well as the Young President's Organization.  If you are interested in having us present for your company, organization, or event please email us directly at