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About Us

It started with a need. To Connect. To share. To inspire other people who feel alone or like they don’t belong. Our family has walked one of the most beautiful tragic journeys’, and through it all we have found hope in the face of darkness. 

 Over the course of my daughters life, I have spent countless hours researching the many aspects of having a medically complex child and living naturally. Healing not just body, but mind and spirit as well. 

Chad and I both at some point in our lives have felt alone or like we didn't belong. Our passion for helping others and desire to reach out and help those who feel lost or alone took off and The Hand That Heals was born. 

Our blog is a multi-dimensional collection of the information we have and continue gain along our journey. As well as insights, reviews, and discussions about the incredible people we meet and places we see along the way. 

Real advice, from a real family, with real struggles. 

No fluff, no filters, just us.  

10% of all proceeds are donated directly to our 501(c)3 non-profit, Maddie's Hand. Dedicated to making a difference in the lives of change makers in our community.